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Blanco County | Pond Installation

EnviroGuard® 40 Mil liner was used to line 2 acres of pond area on this Texas resident's property. Commonly used for its rigidity and resistance, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) is a cost effective solution for containment.


The pond area was excavated and graded to desired dimensions and specifications by a local contractor. An anchor trench was dug around the perimeter of the pond, and it was ensured that the install area was free of rocks and debris. The liner was then ready to be deployed over the subgrade.


The installation was completed in just 1 day, by a team of5 skilled professionals. The panels were welded together on site, and a detailed quality control report took place upon the pond's completion.

Download Case Study Here:

CS Blanco County Pond EnviroGuard Liner
Download PDF • 2.01MB

EnviroGuard®, a product line of Geo Products, offers various thicknesses and sizes of HDPE & LLDPE geomembrane liner. Contact us for a quote or an on-site consultation.

John Oberly | 281-685-0745 National Sales, EnviroGuard® Liner


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