Now is the Perfect Time to Add a Pond or Lake to your Property

During an ongoing time of uncertainty, the ability to have a secluded retreat to enjoy is becoming more and more desired. The Texas Hill Country is one of the many destination locations for this type of rural escape.

It's commonly told that having a water source boosts the land value of the property, but there are several other benefits of having a pond or lake that go alongside property value. Practical benefits such as environmental impact, aesthetic appeal, and recreational use account for the just a few reasons to add a pond to your rural estate.

A Socially Distanced Retreat

Now more than ever, people are appreciating the value of getting away to the outskirts of town and enjoying their own company in a quiet and secluded retreat. Just as sitting next to a pool on a hot day provides escape from the Texas heat, a lake or pond will do exactly that but with less upkeep and more environmental impact. Take a dip in the water off the dock or create a wildlife habitat by providing a source of irrigation for existing livestock, crops, gardens or local animals in the wild. Stocking the pond with fish and other wildlife creates a fishing hole for sport or food source while also adding to the existing ecosystem of the land. Not only visually appealing, lakes and ponds provide solutions to flood and erosion problems, especially if designed in areas of lower elevation.

Countless Benefits, Endless Opportunity

No matter what draws you to install a pond or lake on your property, the recreational and environmental benefits and opportunities are endless. Whether you're looking to add an appealing view to your wraparound porch, create an irrigation source for your ranch or farmland, or simply wanting to provide a place of gathering for you and your family, ponds are able to be constructed for a variety of reasons, sizes, and locations.

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