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What is EnviroGrid®?


EnviroGrid® is offered in varying cell sizes and cell depths in order to fill any specific needs. Factors such as soil strength, expected applied loads, and surface type directly affect the appropriate version of EnviroGrid®. For applications with concentrated loads at specific points, such as vehicle-supporting applications, smaller cell sizes are generally desired to ensure proper weight distribution. For erosion control or earth retention, larger cell sizes may be used given various factors such as slope geometry and confinement requirements.

EnviroGrid® Specifications

The Solution is EnviroGrid®

Our EnviroGrid® geocell is a green solution for numerous challenges presented in civil engineering. The construction footprint imposed on the environment by man-made applications is often highly damaging to the environment, and the world is swiftly seeking better solutions without compromising utility and efficacy.

Geo Products has thus been increasingly sought after as a manufacturer of eco-friendly, cost-effective solutions for soil stabilization in any civilian application. The EnviroGrid® geocell uses cellular confinement technology to provide durable soil stabilization, slope and channel protection, and earth retention in projects worldwide.

By confining the fill material, EnviroGrid® reinforces the system both horizontally and vertically, thus preventing any lateral movement of the material. The three-dimensional cells increase the shear strength and stiffness of the infill material, significantly boosting their weight-bearing capabilities in any capacity. Each grid is welded together by full-depth ultrasonic welds, thereby maximizing the total performance of the cells by strength of their united capabilities. The panel altogether acts as a large mat for load support and erosion control purposes, distributing the weight capacity over a far larger area while simultaneously increasing the weight capacity of the soil.

All EnviroGrid®  products adhere to strict quality management inspections in our manufacturing facility, as well as being ISO 9001:2015 certified by NSF International. All EnviroGrid products are manufactured with 100% virgin HDPE resins and carry a 10-Year material warranty.


EnviroClip “Twist Anchor”

Introducing our latest innovation, the EnviroClip anchor has been designed to hold all our EnviroGrid® panels securely in place on slope, channel and base applications.

These helical anchors provide  10 times the pullout strength of regular anchors stakes and can be easily installed using a handheld cordless drill, eliminating the need to drive stakes into the ground.

The EnviroClips connect at the bottom of the EnviroGrid® cell holding it flush to the ground and preventing any deformation of the top of the cell that can occur from driving rebar stakes too deep. In addition the weight of the fill is placed directly on top of the anchor, instead of around it as in rebar systems, thus securing it tightly and creating an intimate contact between the EnviroGrid and the subgrade.

It’s safe and fast installation method saves countless hours of labor by eliminating the need to drive stakes into the ground.

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The EnviroLock is a one piece mechanical tool that securely fastens adjacent EnviroGrid® panels. Unlike other competitor’s fasteners in the market that join a single spot of the panel, the EnviroLock can join up to the full depth of the cell.  Once locked in place they cannot move or become dislodged.  

The EnviroLocks can be used on all applications and are quick and easy to install. They are UV stabilized and made out of high strength nylon. 

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Tendons are used to anchor the EnviroGrid® panels on steep slope applications. A veneer stabilization calculation will determine if there is a positive net sliding force of the system.  The number and break strength of the tendons will be designed to surpass the sliding force and secure the panel in place.  Based on your project requirements the tendons come in 6 different break strengths.

Our tendon systems is also used on applications where an impermeable geomembrane liner is used. This eliminates the need of anchors that might compromise the integrity of the geomembrane liner.

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