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Channel Stabilization for Florida C1 Canal

The C1 Canal in Melbourne, Florida provides flood protection to more than 80,000 people. The Canal carries soils, nutrients and large volumes of freshwater from the St. John's River floodplain eastward to Turkey Creek and into the lagoon.


The sub-grade on site was saturated, sandy soil. After analysis of the St. Johns River District, it was concluded that the canal would continue to erode and vegetation would not remain intact. Use of a large riprap or concrete would be costly and unappealing. EnviroGrid® allowed for the use of a smaller, lower quality stone found locally as it confined the material and dissipated hydraulic forces.


Some sections of the canal were excavated to remove poor soil and replace with quality fill, while other sections were simply compacted. A 4 oz. nonwoven geotextile fabric was rolled out onto the banks, and the 4" EnviroGrid® was laid on top. The geocell was anchored using 2 2200lb tendon per panel, which were attached to a 6" PVC pipe, buried within a trench at the top of the slope.


Soon after installation, Hurricane Matthew caused severe flooding and damage along the eastern coast of Florida, but nearly two years post-installation, the EnviroGrid® and stone remained intact. The canal has begun to self-vegetate with the natural flora adding to the overall stability that EnviroGrid® has provided.

Download the Case Study Here:

CS Florida Canal Channel Protection
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