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Ensure that your project is on solid ground at almost any angle with EnviroGrid® Geocell, cellular confinement system. The geocell matrix prevents lateral movement of infill by confining and reinforcing material within its cells, which act to hold material in place. Not only does this prevent erosion, but it also significantly reduces pressure on the sub-base level, boosting the surface's weight-bearing capacity, all while requiring less material.  


EnviroGrid® Geocell has four primary applications: 1) it provides stabilization and sub-base improvement for infrastructure over softer surfaces; 2) it solidifies slopes against erosion along channels and shorelines; 3) it protects channel beds from wearing away; and 4) where highway construction needs more support than natural earth allows, EnviroGrid® can be used to create retaining walls.   


Select an application below for further details on the benefits and uses of the cellular confinement system. 

Load Support 1.png



The expanded panels act as a large mat, distributing applied loads over an extended area. The three-dimensional cells increase strength and stiffness of the infill, which boosts their weight bearing capabilities and allows for the use of permeable aggregates.




EnviroGrid® placed on slopes will hold infill material in place. The cell walls slow the flow of water down the slope or in areas affected by wave action, reducing the formation of rills, a major cause of soil erosion. Depending on the site specifics, EnviroGrid® can confine infill material such as angular rock, concrete or native soils. 



EnviroGrid® protects channels by counteracting various flow velocities. It can be laid directly on the slope and properly anchored. Based on the channel characteristics, EnviroGrid® can be filled with angular rock, vegetated soil, or concrete. Geo Products offers the needed anchoring for the system's integrity. 




In very steep slope applications, soils can be retained with a vertical wall structure. Filled with local soils, EnviroGrid® can be used in both cut and fill situations by holding the soil in place and providing drainage throughout the structure. The outer cells can be vegetated, providing an environmentally pleasing look. 

EnviroGrid | Projects & Case Study Videos

EnviroGrid | Projects & Case Study Videos

EnviroGrid | Projects & Case Study Videos
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EnviroGrid Project Overview | West Texas Railroad Stabilization

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EnviroGrid Geocell Case Study | Utility Access Road Improvements

EnviroGrid Geocell Case Study | Utility Access Road Improvements

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Geo Products manufactures EnviroGrid® Geocell in Houston, Texas in an ISO 9001:2015 certified facility. Backed by large-scale field testing, EnviroGrid® is proudly made with all virgin USA materials. 

There are three standard industry products, under a specific product code of EGA 20, EGA 30, and EGA 40. Each product code is manufactured in typical cell heights of 3", 4", 6", and 8". Review the load support table below or download the EnviroGrid® product selection guide to learn more about the panel offerings and to determine a product that best fits your project's solution.


EGA 20 | EGA 30 | EGA 40


3" 4" 6" 8"


Load Support Table | Base Stabilization

Based on large-scale field testing, EnviroGrid® Geocell provides a long-term solution to a variety of load support applications. The table provides a the product cell heights recommended based on common project applications.


To learn more about the EnviroGrid® products offered, download the guide below.

EnviroGrid Product Selection Chart (1).png

Geo Products is ready to support you. For more information on our products or detailed support on your next project, contact us.

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