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Equipment Yard Stabilization

Port Fourchon is located on the southmost tip of Louisiana on the Gulf of Mexico. With business growing at Dolphin Energy Equipment, their storage yard for heavy equipment and supplies required a 1.5 acre expansion. With a water table at two feet below the surface and a subgrade consisting of low grade sand, it was impossible for the storage yard to be expanded. A stable surface was needed to handle the heavy equipment used at this facility.

The project was installed completely by the owner of the rental equipment yard, showing the ease of installation of the EnviroGrid® system. The current sand layer was compacted as much as possible and a nonwoven geotextile was added as a separation layer along with a geogrid for extra reinforcement. EnviroGrid® with a cell depth of 6" was deployed, filled, and compacted with 8" of high-quality limestone. The entire project was completed in under 3 days with one man installing.

Due to the remote area of this project, aggregate fill was at a cost of $50 per delivered ton. The alternative to EnviroGrid® was to use 18" of aggregate fill. The reduction from 18" to 8" of aggregate netted a savings of $50,000 to Dolphin Energy Equipment. They continue to run a high volume of heavy duty forklifts over this yard expansion, even during major rain events, with no rutting or disturbance of the surface.

CS Equipment Yard Stabilization
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