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Berm Remediation | Reinforced Concrete Roll®

About 40 feet of area was so heavily eroded by wind and fluctuating water levels that it caused this pond to split into two separate ponds. Additionally, the failure occurred about 160 feet on to a berm to where the maintenance crew was hesitant to drive any machinery in fear of damaging what little remained in tact of the pond.

LONG-TERM SOLUTION WITH A SIMPLE INSTALLATION RCR® was chosen to place over the berm in order to provide erosion protection to the remaining pond liner as machinery such as a mini excavator was driven on top of it. They then installed the RCR® by unrolling it on top of bentonite in order to fully protect the berm and prevent future damage from erosion. The entire installation took 2 days to prepare the area, install and hydrate the RCR®, and place the area back into service.

Download the Case Study Here:

CS RCR Berm Remediation
Download PDF • 1.45MB


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