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Lane Channel Restoration Project

Irvine, California

Installation: 2019 Fully Vegetated: 2022


In 2018, Orange County Public Works began planning the restoration of Lane Channel for flood control in the region. The project's objective was to re-establish the banks of the channel by integrating a solution that would be able to control erosion with native vegetation.

In 2019, EnviroGrid® was installed throughout the channel's banks, and reinforced with a tendon anchoring system. EnviroGrid® was chosen as a long-term erosion control solution and provided many environmental benefits in addition to the aesthetic appeal it provided.


The re-established vegetation in conjunction with the geocell system gave opportunity to reduce bacteria through the filtration that it provided, while the

removed sediment prevented accumulated pollutants from migrating to Upper Newport Bay, yielding additional water quality and environmental benefit.

Download the Case Study Here:

Lane Channel Case Study
Download PDF • 1.24MB

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