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EnviroGrid Geocell for Utility Access Roads


Tampa Bay Water works needed to build pads and roads to service over 15 wells throughout its preserve. The solution needed to not only minimally disturb the preserve, but still be durable enough to withstand utility vehicles while being accessible throughout the year. The solution required being built atop of the native sandy soils that are present in Florida.


Chosen for its strength and durability when confining lesser-quality aggregate material, EnviroGrid® was the chosen solution to build the well pads and 3.5 miles of roads on top of the native Florida sands. EnviroGrid® provided 3.5x the strength of the aggregate by itself while also creating a mattress layer on top of the native sands. This reduced the amount of pressure the subbase would endure. After the EnviroGrid® was installed and filled, a 2” top of limestone was added.


EnviroGrid®’s performance was put to the ultimate test when Tropical Storm Fred hit the coast of Florida during the summer of 2021 and left behind 2' of water in some areas across the preserve. As shown in the photo to the right, the roads were still accessible by vehicles after the storm.


EnviroGrid® Geocell adds strength to poor quality aggregates and reduces the amount of aggregate needed for a site. By creating a firm mattress layer that reduces the amount of pressure on the subbase layer, EnviroGrid® provides a long term solution for access roads.

Download Full Case Study Here:

CS Florida Utility Access Roads Base Stabilization
Download PDF • 1.79MB


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