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Grass Parking Lot Reinforced with EnviroGrid® Geocell

A newly constructed area within Riverwalk Park will be centered around a pavilion currently used for weekly farmer's markets. The plans for the pavilion would result in a venue for local events to be held for the West Point community. The area is located next to a river valley, which contributes to the poor quality of the soft, native soils. In addition to the poor soil conditions, over budget project bids served as another roadblock to the project. EnviroGrid® was chosen as a cost-effective yet green solution that would preserve the integrity of the grounds for years to come, while maintaining the budget.


EnviroGrid® was used to provide a stable base for vehicles and foot traffic, as the parking lot would be used for the farmers market attendees. Due to the use of EnviroGrid®, sub-base work was minimized, as only 6 inches of #57 stone was needed, opposed to the original 12 inches.


After sub-base work was completed, a site-specific fabric was used as a separation layer between the sub-base and the geocell. The 4" EnviroGrid® was installed over the fabric and then filled with the native topsoil to support grass to grow.


EnviroGrid® was able to combat erosion control issues by confining the local soils in order to provide a stable base for the foot and vehicle traffic of those that attend the farmers market as well as other events that the community could hold in this space.

Download the Case Study Here:

CS Grass Parking at Riverwalk Park Pavillion
Download PDF • 1.32MB


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