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Ohio Culvert Repair

A Quick and Simple Installation with a Fast Return to Service | RCR®-7

RCR-7® extends life of pipe while reducing future maintenance costs.

Along SR 66 near Delphos, Ohio, Meredith Brothers and DOT workers scheduled this 60", 24' long culvert pipe for repair. Made of 8-gauge corrugated galvanized steel multi-plate pipe and installed approximately 30 years ago, it had thinned from years of water and sediment flow. Reinforced Concrete Roll® (RCR®) was selected to repair, protect and extend the life of the pipe while minimizing disruption to traffic from the adjacent highway during installation.

RCR-7®, or 7mm thick material is ideal for culvert repairs. One roll of 16' 4" x 65' 7" was pre-cut to 4' x 6' sheets and Hilti-fastened every 6" along the inside top edges and end of the pipe. Sheets cut down the length of the pipe were overlapped by 6" and welded together with a hand-held propane torch. Further adding installation ease as well as pipe strength was RCR's ability to mold weld to the pipe corrugations during the hydration process. Tar was applied and sealed the top edges before RCR® was hydrated to start the curing process. As RCR® can be installed and subsequently cured in water, the pipe was returned to service immediately after the completion of installation.

Strong and Versatile

RCR® is a dry powdered cement mix that is needle-punched between two sheets of non-woven polypropylene. When rolled out and hydrated, RCR® takes shape into a durable structure suitable for reinforcement or protective lining.

Download Case Study Here:

CS RCR Ohio Culvert Pipe Repair
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