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Railbed Stabilization | Adding Structure to Lesser Quality Infill Material

OVERVIEW | Railroad Construction over Poor Sub-base

With the increase of shipping by rail, an additional track was needed to be constructed alongside an existing track that runs through Big Spring, TX. The majority of the subbase in West Texas is a rock/sand mix which was sufficient for the design but there was a section (about 2.5 miles long) that was in a low lying area with an extremely poor subbase. The initial solution was to remove the poor subbase material and build back the area.

DESIGN SOLUTION | EnviroGrid Geocell EGA 306 inch

EnviroGrid® geocell directly on top of a woven geotextile was chosen as the solution as it reduced the amount of subbase work that otherwise would need to be completed at the site. The EnviroGrid® geocell solution did not require any of the poor quality soil to be removed but instead it provided a firm mattress to be built directly on top of the poor subbase.


The product chosen was the EGA 30 6” which is equivalent to 20 inches of rock by itself. The EnviroGrid® reduced subbase work, the amount of material needed to be excavated, the material needed to be brought back in and the amount of trucks on the road providing a reduction in construction and costs.

Download the Case Study Here:

CS West Texas Railroad Stabilization Geocell
Download PDF • 1.44MB


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