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Roadside Ditch Repair | RCR®

Long-Term Solution for Repair of Washed-Out Ditch

Due to the heavy rains, there had been issues with ditches washing out (upwards of 5' wide x 3' deep) that are in need of a long-term solution. The following is what was done in a small town in Georgia using Reinforced Concrete Roll® (RCR®).

For many years, the Department of Public Works would have to go in and build up this 850' long ditch after any heavy rains. This was very costly due to several reasons, including labor, machinery, material and of course having the road shut down. Because of this road being used by school busses and local traffic, it had to be taken care of in a timely manner each time it was repaired, after any heavy rain.

RCR® was unrolled and cut to size using a utility knife. After the RCR® material was cut to size, it was slid into position by hand and pinned into place. This was done by driving rebar pins with plates welded to the top into the bank.

The total 850' installation, including customizing the RCR® to existing culverts, was completed in 1 day. Having all the RCR® in place, water was brought in for hydration of the product. After hydrating, the RCR® was complete and the customer decided to put a new top on that section of the road, serving the purpose of attaching the roadside of the product and providing a nice transition. The next day had heavy rains and RCR® carried the water was expected.

The county of Chattooga in Georgia will save several thousands of dollars in reconstruction costs in the next several years. RCR® has a life expectancy of 50 years and is considered a GREEN solution due to less disruption to the environment, less labor and prep-work, as well as minimal resources used over traditional concrete.

Download Case Study Here:

CS RCR Roadside Ditch Repair
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