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Sitework Solutions | Solid Foundation for Buildings and Parking

In September of 2018, Hurricane Florence damaged a significant amount of existing offices at the Cherry Point Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) in North Carolina. Cherry Point needed to install temporary work offices in what was once an open field. A cellular confinement system was chosen to stabilize the parking lot as well as provide a sturdy base for the temporary work trailers.

With most of the offices damaged by the 2018 hurricane, a temporary office set-up was created out of open field space. The EnviroGrid® system was chosen for the parking lot in order to reduce the amount of maintenance upkeep while providing a durable foundation for the buildings.


The full system consisted of a non-woven geotextile fabric on top of the sub-grade, the EnviroGrid® Geocell layer, with an infill of crushed #57 stone. The cells had a depth of 6", which is the equivalent of laying 15" of crushed stone without EnviroGrid®.


This process took a crew of 5 men, 2 weeks to install. First, the underlaying fabric was laid, with the EnviroGrid® Geocell laid on top of it. The cell was then filled with #57 stone aggregate.

Download Case Study Here:

CS Sitework Solutions for Parking Lots and Building Foundations
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