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Watershed Pond Installation

Located minutes outside of Austin, Texas where the Cypress Creek and Blanco River meet, the small town of Wimberley lies among the vast hills and green valleys of the Texas Hill Country. A popular spot for wildlife and landowners alike, Wimberley offers natural beauty for miles, which in turn offers endless opportunities for improvements and additions throughout the land.


Two watershed ponds are located on the property; one smaller pond sitting at a higher elevation than the other, and one expanding for 4 acres. The problem was that the larger pond was unable to retain water. This set the pond installation process into motion.


The ability to work hand-in-hand with the contractor streamlines the installation process, which in turn makes for a successful project. The workmanship and attention to detail by the contractor played a significant role throughout this project in ensuring quality of the completed pond.


  • HDPE EnviroGuard® Liner

  • 185,000SF / 4.25 Acres

  • 3-Day Installation

  • 5-Man Crew


The existing water at the bottom of the pond was removed and the pond area was scraped with a rock grinder in order to break up and remove the stone. The extracted rock was repurposed for its use in roads and building foundation throughout the property. The pond area was then shaped by rolling the sides of the pond, concluding the subbase work.

The EnviroGuard® Liner panels were then extended and placed directly atop the prepared subbase. The panels were heat welded together using a wedge welder, ensuring maximum strength of welds that will remain intact.

Before leaving the site, the seams and entire liner area was inspected, logged, and necessary repairs to the liner were completed in order to ensure quality of the completed project. The freshly lined pond will then be filled directly with rainwater, as well as through the overflow of the watershed pond that lies directly above it.

ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT EnviroGuard® is environmentally friendly, as it consists of HDPE rather than alternatives that seep into the earth and water supply. The impact of constructing this pond goes beyond aesthetic appeal to a hillside residence. Through conservation of rainwater, this new habitat supplies a water source for existing and new wildlife within the property.

Download the Case Study Here:

CS Watershed Pond EnviroGuard Liner
Download PDF • 2.02MB


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